why i’m running to represent maryland’s 5th district

I am running to represent the interests of the people, rather than those of corporate America.

I will fight for affordable housing, Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, criminal justice reform, expanded voting rights, and more. I share the perspective of ordinary people in southern Maryland. I understand the burden of the rising costs of homeownership and the failures of our healthcare system. I grasp the immense need to tackle climate change and realize that we are the last generation who has a chance to do it. I have faced the abuses of the criminal justice system firsthand, and will work to end the exploitative rot which is the prison-industrial complex. I will work to expand voting rights and voter turnout in Maryland District 5 and nationwide. My campaign, unlike Congressman Hoyer's, will be powered entirely by people. 


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together, we CAN build the america we deserve


green new deal

Climate change is an existential threat. Sea-level rise threatens population centers around the world, and states such as Maryland with long coastlines are particularly at risk. A Green New Deal can tackle two pressing — and deeply intertwined — crises: an environmental crisis of rising global temperatures, and an economic crisis of gross inequality and stagnant wages. We need a ten-year national economic mobilization that would decarbonize the economy, put millions of Americans to work building the energy infrastructure of the future, and ensure equity and fairness.


Wealthy Americans do not pay their fair share in taxes. The past several decades have seen tax cut after tax cut for the rich, accompanied by devastating cuts to benefits working families need. It's no wonder the fruits of economic growth have mostly flowed to the uber-wealthy, leaving everyone else with stagnant wages and economic precarity. Mckayla believes that we need to tax the value of estates over $1 billion at an 80 percent rate. We should also implement a wealth tax of 2 percent on assets greater than $50 million and a wealth tax of 3 percent on assets greater than $1 billion. In addition, we must tax all income over 10 million at 70%.

protect immigrants

Immigrant communities should be able to live, work, and attend school free of fear. That reality is impossible so long as ICE roams our communities tearing families apart, border officials put young children in cages, and millions of undocumented Americans are forced to live in the shadows. We need to dismantle institutions like Immigration and Customs Enforcement that terrorize immigrant communities and work to bring our undocumented neighbors out from the shadows.


The Trump Administration has made it brutally obvious: Our democracy is in desperate need of repair. Members of Congress roll out of office and into lucrative lobbying and consulting groups. Right-wing ideologues systematically disenfranchise African Americans, immigrants, and the poor, and the Supreme Court levels attack after attack on voting rights. Mckayla believes that an aggressive reform agenda is necessary if the United States is to realize its democratic potential.

medicare for all

It's time to stop playing political games with the health of the American people. As establishment politicians propose tepid health reform plans, insurance companies and Big Pharma continue to run thousands of desperate American families into bankruptcy. Compared to the rest of the industrialized world, America's health insurance regime is one of our greatest national embarrassments. A Medicare For All program would insure every single American, no matter their economic status, restore justice to health care delivery, and even save us money over the long run.


The inequities that define America's criminal justice system are not there by accident. The over-policing and disproportionate incarceration of black and brown Americans is an extension of a legacy of white supremacy. The United States' broken justice system ravages our most vulnerable communities, while for-profit prison executives get rich off cheap prison labor. Mass incarceration and the "War on Drugs" has been a failure; it's time for a new era in American criminal justice.


DEMOCRACY is fueled by everyday people like you

This is a people powered revolution and it will take all of us, doing what we can, to win in 2020.

Let us know you’re in. We’ll be in touch!

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